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CURRENT PROCESSING TIME 3 - 5 DAYS. Please read the FAQ for more shipping infos!

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 Welcome to my shop, my name is Lily and I am the owner of "LilysDesk". One of my favorite activities is glam planning, I love to have a weekly moment to plan and write down everything I did during the week. "Glam Planning" stands for simply decorating your planner and this adventure started back in 2014 when I first discovered it while randomly clicking on a "plan with me" video. I instantly fell in love with the concept and I have always loved collecting stickers and some other kind of stationery since I was child.
After two years of planning and purchasing stickers from so many shops, I started to dream of opening my own shop and sell my own designs. "LilysDesk" was created back in 2017, on etsy. I wanted a name that represented me and had my name in it and since everything I create is done by sitting at my desk, I just combined both of the words. Since then, I have been selling various printables and launching my own hand drawn cliparts.
To me planning is synonym to peace and joy, it is quite therapeutic to have my weeks written down in a pretty and aesthetic way, and, that is what I wish for my shop as well. Being able to spice up our planners or help you scrapbooking with some very adorable elements!
All products are guaranteed to be made with love or chosen very carefully. I try to select the best materials and for my shop, and always when possible recycled materials or that could be reusable.
Disclaimer: The sales allow my shop to pay the website bills, new materials and business needs, artwork for my stickers (if not drawn by me).