Current processing time is between 5 days to 2 weeks, shipping time is not included in this time frame. Estimated delivery period for shipped orders is 1-2 weeks (Europe & Canada) // 1 month (USA) ♡ Please read the FAQ for more detailed infos!


◆ When will my order ship?

The current processing time is between 5 days to 1/2 weeks depending on the number of orders and packages are dropped every two weeks due to the world's current situation. Estimated delivery time is currently 1-2 weeks for Europe and Canada and around a month for the USA.

◆ Where do you ship from?

The shop is based in Portugal, Lisbon.

◆ Is my order tracked?

All orders are tracked and will automatically be selected at checkout, with no mininum order amount. This is to ensure that you can track your order yourself. All orders are shipped via the portuguese nacional post "CTT: Correios de Portugal". I recommend using OR (to check estimated delivery dates). You can track your order with the tracking number provided and copy paste it into one of the tracking websites.

◆ My order hasn't arrived, what should I do?

Due to COVID, there is a lot of delays in shipping and espcially from Europe to USA (1 month is the minimum but it could take up to two months). If your order does not arrive within this time frame, please send an email to

◆ Can I cancel or return my order?

Digital orders cannot be cancelled or returned. As for the shipped orders, we are currently not allowing cancellations but feel free to send an email if it's urgent. Since the products are made to order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges, but we are happy to help you with any issue.