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4 Basic Commercial Licenses
4 Basic Commercial Licenses

4 Basic Commercial Licenses

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This license is for 4 LISTINGS ONLY. One license applies to one listing on my shop unless your purchase one clipart set AND the matching paper set.

/!\ If you buy a set of cliparts, one set of girls (or another set of cliparts) and one set of matching digital papers, you will need 2 licenses. If you wish to buy a set of cliparts, digital papers and one set of girls, you can use this listing as you only need one license for the cliparts AND papers, so the second license would be for the fashion girls OR any other clipart set you would like. You can sell/print up to 500 units. The product is non-refundable due to its nature.

CLIPART SETS & MATCHING PAPERS only need 1 LICENSE if bought together!

❤︎ ALL CLIPART SETS that have matching papers only need ONE commercial license for BOTH (clipart set + matching papers). When purchasing the license, please mention which products you are licensing for.

- 4 clipart sets (+ matching paper set if needed)
- 2 clipart sets (+ matching paper set if needed) + 2 fashion girls sets


PREMIUM: For more than 500 pcs, up to 1000 pcs

EXTENDED: For more than 1000 pcs, up to 1500

DELUXE: For more than 1500 pcs, unlimited


Please read all the information below before purchasing, thank you.


Your final design or creation must not consist than more than 80% of any of my artwork and it's recommended to use overlays, texts and other elements. The artwork may be used unlimited times as long as it respects the license you have purchased for it.


❤︎ Planner goodies (sticker albums are allowed) and Planner stickers
❤︎ Printable stickers (cliparts should NOT be easy to extract, the file must be flattened)
❤︎ Personal Branding/Marketing
❤︎ Party Supplies and Invitations
❤︎ Blog/Web and your socials (Instagram, etc.  BUT it must not be easy to extract please)
❤︎ Patterns for paper, fabric or prints over any surfaces and items
❤︎ Design of stationery and any kind of invitations
❤︎ Digital and physical scrapbooking projects
❤︎ Logo design
❤︎ Wallpapers  (BUT it must not be easy to extract/cropped out please, it should be overlayed with other elements or text)

❤︎ Share, distribute, resale, transfer, give away design, resell clipart in any digital format or digital download (except printable stickers)
❤︎ Use a clipart as a trademark/service mark/logo (it can be added to a logo but it can't be the only item of a logo, it must have elements and/or text)
❤︎ Sell cliparts as is or slightly modified
❤︎ Print and sell the artwork to frame
❤︎ Cellphone covers, bags, t-shirts, mugs and cups, stationery, iPad covers, laptop covers, papers or calendars.
❤︎  Layered PSD files for sale (files that allow a clipart to be lifted or extracted)
❤︎  Sell clipart on Print-on-Demand websites
❤︎ Digital Planner Stickers are also not allowed (unless the cliparts are not on their own and easily extracted)

Upon purchase of the license, please specify in the notes to buyer section
1. the web address where you will be selling your product or using it for business/website/social media handles
2. the name of the clipart/graphic set (or digital product) you are licensing

Buying an artwork doesn't transfer its copyrights. All copyrights remain to Lily Braz (Lilysdesk). By purchasing this artwork, you agree to the Terms of Use and my shop's policies: Lilysdesk is the ONLY authorized seller of this clipart/artwork.


Thank you for your visit and for shopping, don't hesitate to follow me on Instagram @lilysdesk

With all my love,